Cathy Sucks Really Bad!!!

This is a hypthetical post for my final project in my media law class.  I figured I would use my existing blog to do this.  Hopefully this will clear any confusion.  This is not part of new media.  (This is meant for Prof. Mejias)

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Cathy Roller is a skank.  She has STD’s and is really gross.  She does drugs and drinks everyday.  Cathy is in my class and she is the worst student.  She always asks stupid questions and disrupts the lesson in her drunkenness.  She also smells really bad because I don’t think she has taken a shower in weeks.  Someone should tell her to go and get a job.

She was cheating off of me on the test one time.

Cathy tried selling me drugs after class.

She called me a bitch one time!

Cathy is so fat I think she is going to explode.  She is always eating during class.

Cathy Roller has no friends and her teeth are falling out.  Someone should say something.


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