Blog Posts I like

In no particular order:

1.  I liked Rachel’s interview with Prof. Josh Adams.  I think it was very interesting to hear some background on Prof. Adams and his views on the industry.  The blog was not without technical issues but they did not prevent me from enjoying the interview.

2. Jake did a review on Star Craft 2.  It was fun to watch all the different posters he used to block his face.  The idea of an review without any speaking is a cool idea too.  I wish there had been more on why Jake likes the game so much.  But overall it was fun to watch although not that informative about Star Craft 2.

3. I enjoyed reading Nicks editorial on smoking or was it a review on an editorial?  Anyway it was an interesting read and was so long as to loose my attention.  I find that I lose attention often when blog posts are too long.  It was neat and organized too which was nice.

4. The photo essay by Matt was a good quality post.  I liked the pictures and the comments and how they flowed easily into a photo essay.  There were just the right amount of pictures and text to make it an overall good post.

5. Lastly, I enjoyed Cathy’s post on the local performer Joe Driscoll.  The post was informative and interesting especially because it was about someone from the local area.  The youtube video was also a nice addition to the text portion of the post.



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