In class assignment dec 1

WEB BEHAVIOR TEST: The test results said that I was an octopus.  This means I am a fast moving internet user and am independant.  I guess the results of the test are accurate for the most part.  I do sometimes spend alot of time reading search results so the test is not 100% accurate.  I didn’t like the test very much because it moved to slowly.  By the end of the test I losy much of my drive to give good comprehensive feedback.  However some of the test was interesting and worthy of an academic study.

CHRIS ANDERSON: He talks about how sites like Amazon help make recomendations for you based on your search history.  He compares this to a clerk in a real store helping you find something.  Furhtermore he says most people are comfortable with this kind of “over the shoulder help”.  He also talks about Google in terms of the results one gets.  He explains that there are the regular results as well as the advertisments.  Both of these reuslts will become more specific as the search terms become more specific.  The main concern addressed in this interview is if Google and other sites having so much information on their users is a bad thing.  Anderson says it is not a bad thing because it will help you better find what you are looking for.  He also says you can choose to search anonamously on sites like amazon.  Another interesting point discussed is using itunes to purchase music for its convienence instead of hunting around for free music torrents.  Anderson says since he is older he would rather just pay the 99 cents instead of spending the time searching for free music.  This interview has much relevance to me considering I use all the sites discussed.  He makes alot of sense in how he describes the internet as a global exchange of ideas and suchlike.  I personally think Amazon is a good site and am willing to give information in order to better my experience.  As far as the music downloading goes I am inclined to use torrents until music is cheaper. LINK


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