DEVO Concert Photo Essay

This is a photo essay regarding the Devo concert I attended at the Buffalo Town Ballroom in Mid-July of 2010.  I have been long time fans of the band as long as I can remember.  The opportunity to see this band was really exciting.  I went to the show with my good friend Bennett and also my former girlfriend Kira.  We started the trip listening to Devo albums to get us in the mood and also to familiarize ourselves with thier new 2010 release “Something For Everybody”.  This album is Devo’s first release since the early 90s, so it is pretty exciting for Devo followers.

Before I show the pictures from the show I will give a little background on the band.  Devo is a New Wave/Synth Pop band that came out of Akron Ohio.  They released thier first album in 1978 and in my opinion was a very groundbreaking album.  They then released albums each year from the late 70s to the mid 80s that all had great songs and the classic Devo sound that I came to love.  The bands creative spark burned out after their 1980 masterpiece “Freedom of Choice”.  Since that album the band would release some good singles here and there but they would never reach the height of their early albums.  2010 marks a huge year for Devo because of its new album which was far better than anything they released since the early 80s.  The album had classic Devo sound with new production values that makes a very interesting album.  The concert I went to was to promote this album but the band made sure to play all thier classics.  I have been to many concerts but this one is by far the most enjoyable.

This is a picture of the audience at the concert.  The Ballroom was a really great venue because we were so close to the band.  I am in the front row with my friends.  Despite some drunk people in the audience everyone was having a great time and it was much more interactive than sitting in a seat far away from the band.  We were literally two feet away from the band.

Here is another picture that shows the entire venue.  There was the mosh section that I was in and then there was the seating section in the back.  I was very happy with how close we got to the band and the audio was not too loud either so it worked out great.

Here is a good picture I took showing the band in their classic yellow jump suites.  At this point they were playing there older material which I enjoyed the most.  Since Devo is so well known for thier outfits it was only fitting that the band showcased every era through the costumes.  After Devo played this set they ripped off thier yellow suites and threw them into the audience only to show the next outfit they were wearing.

Here is Mark Mothersbaugh who is the lead singer.  He was a great show man and really brought excitement to the event.  It’s amazing that he is in his sixties and still has the energy to perform like this.

This is a projector that they had playing on throughout the show.  This particular video is the Devo Corporate anthem.  They played this as they were getting prepared for the next set.

This is Mark again in the “Booji Boy” costume from early era Devo.  It was amazing to watch him play this character as if it was the early 80s again.

I consider myself very fortunate that I was able to recover the pic that Bob 1, the main guitarist, used during the show.  It is framed on my wall with my ticket and a copy of a Devo album.  Yes I am a nerd.  The bouncy ball was just one of many that Marc threw out to the audience from his fanny pack.

This is a professional picture taken by a photographer that shows in more detail the stage setup.  I was fortunate enough to be able to see the band in this quality live.

This is my last picture I managed to recover.  This is showing Mark, Gerald Casale, and Bob 1 who have been with the band since the beginning.  It was amazing to see all these guys play their songs so convincingly.  It didn’t even matter that these guys are old dudes, they still rocked.  All things considered this was the most entertaining concert I have ever been to and was worth the admission price.



3 Responses to “DEVO Concert Photo Essay”

  1. This looks awesome. Reminds me of when I saw Blue Man Group because they’re just as wild haha. I like that you gave background info on the band. I wish the pictures were bigger though. Awesome job!

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