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New Media and Society

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Here is the full article.  The title is “New Media and Society”  This is a new literature review that I am submitting.  The article is concerned with social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook.  More specifically it is concerned with the possible negative consequences that could arise through the use of these sites.  The main issue in question is asking if kids provide too much information in their profiles.  By too much information, the author is talking about personal information that could get into the hands of possible sexual predators.  The article suggests that according to research trend study, most kids are making good choices and not disclosing information that could cause harm.  The study is in direct correlation with concerns from the media and parents who have become aware of the increasing threat of online predators who use social networks to operate.

There are many possible ways someone could put themselves at risk using the internet.  The risk of identity theft and unsafe release of personal information are a constant element of using the internet.  I feel people should keep this in mind at all times.  I especially feel that while using social networking sites, one makes themselves even more susceptible to predators.  In most cases the idea of being careful on sites like Facebook is common sense.  However it seems that since incidents still occur, one must sill keep in mind the possible dangers that go along with social networks.

Parents have the full right to be concerned about their children’s safety on the internet.  However, when thinking of the big picture the media does have a tendency to exploit the latest phenomenon whatever it may be.  This is not to say that internet safety is unnecessary, but suggests that media hype may not justify the level of fear parents may have.  Personally, when using Facebook I take all the proper measures to avoid an unwanted occurrence.  As far as the general public is concerned, parents that feel their kids are not mature enough to understand internet safety, should explain what is at stake and be informative.

I think avoiding social networks altogether because of a possible threat is to through away a very useful resource.  Social networking seems to be a very permanent trend in new media and will continue to be a great marketing tool and social tool.  According to the study in the article, not only are many people very careful with what they post in there profiles, many have stopped using networks altogether.  I think that if one is enjoying their social network and is responsible enough there shouldn’t be to much of an issue.  I think the most important part of this article is the fact that the study, which was conducted on a large amount of random kids shows that the majority are internet safe.  This trend in internet safety could suggest that since social networks have been around for a few years, people are becoming more versed in using the sites to their advantage and most importantly safely.  The positive trend in internet safety will only prove to expand the possibilities of social networks and develop media format that is still in its infancy.  (THIS IS A LITERATURE REVIEW RE-SUBMITTED)



Interview Podcast

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Hank Hill calls a radio station looking for the hardware section. Here is the link… (Interview)

Zombie Podcast

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Heres the link…

This is a short commercial I made about a zombie survival kit. (2nd free choice)